Rules & Regulations

Rules & Regulations2018-11-08T16:00:53+00:00

* A non-refundable deposit of $250.00 is required to secure your spot.
* Payment in full is due January 15th for March and April competitions.
* Payment in full is due February 15th for May competitions.
* A preliminary schedule will be sent out 6-7 weeks prior to the competition date and a final schedule will be sent out 3-4 weeks prior to the competition. There will be no changes to the final schedule.
* Music is to be uploaded on Dance Bug. Please ensure that you have back-up music on a USB stick. Files should be either mp3 or wav format. Name files based on what is in the schedule, starting with what number the dance is.
* Cash awards, overall scores & judge’s marks are emailed to the studio director within two days of the competition.
* Independent entries do not qualify for cash awards.
* A contestant making a second attempt to a routine may be adjudicated but no mark will be given, except in the Novice, Part Time & Mini Competitive Divisions. There will be no penalty for re-dances that are due to technical difficulties.
* Dancers cannot compete against themselves in any category. They may perform in the next age group up. You can compete in the same category in group dances but not more that 50% can be the same dancers.
* The method of the judging is solely within the discretion of Believe Dance Competitions Inc. All decisions by the judges are final.
* Video or flash photography inside the theatre is prohibited.
* Only teachers and studio approved prop assistants can be backstage during the competition. Dancers should only be backstage 3-4 dances prior to their number.
* Props that could pose a danger, such as knives, swords, and fire, are prohibited.
* By entering Believe Dance Competition, parents, teachers, directors and contestants give their permission to use their pictures and performance in advertisement such as brochures, programs, website, etc.
* Believe Dance Competitions Inc. reserves the right to add or subtract days or move a competition due to unforeseen circumstances.
* Believe Dance Competitions Inc. reserves the right to cancel any competition due to lack of entries, in which fees will be refunded. Refunds will not be made for any other reason except for injuries (with a doctor’s note).
* Upon entering the Believe Dance Competition it is agreed that teachers, competitors, parents and relatives will not hold Believe Dance Competitions Inc. or anyone involved in the competition responsible or liable for any damages, loss or personal injury which they may sustain while participating in the competition, no matter how caused.