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It was 3:30pm on Tuesday November 8th 2011.  My stomach was filled with butterflies, fluttering around with anticipation of what was about to happen.  I was sitting in the backseat of my mom's black Honda Civic watching the buildings and cars zoom past me in a blur.  My older sister was driving with mom in the passenger seat oblivious to our plans for her birthday.

"Oh No! You've got to be kidding me" my mother cried out as we pulled into the parking lot.  The word 'STINGERS' was painted in big bold letters on the window of the building we were now facing.  We were all about to get matching tattoos, etched into the skin on our feet. 

I would go first to show my mother how the process would be quick and painless.  I took a seat on the table and removed the sock from my right foot.  Suddenly the strong aroma of rubbing alcohol pierced my nostrils and my stomach churned.  I felt something cold and wet touch the side of my foot.  The artist was sterilizing the area where he would soon permanently mark my body with ink.  "this will hurt a bit" said the husky voice of the tattoo artist.  I closed my eyes tightly and braced myself.  I heard a loud buzzing sound, similar to the sound you would hear at your dentist as he filled your cavity.  Just seconds later the tattoo gun penetrated my skin and began scrapping the bones of my foot.  I stopped breathing and I was clutching my sister's hand so tightly I was surprised that I didn't break it.  The pain was too much, my entire body tensed up and I just wanted it to be over.  Just when I thought I might pass out from the pain everything stopped, the sound and the pain.  "Alright, all done, take a look" the artist said.  

I slowly peaked opened my eyes.  I bent over to have a clearer look at my foot.  It was then I saw it.  The word was written in curvy black handwriting.  This word had come to mean so much to my mother, my sister and I; my family.  The word that would forever symbolize something others would never understand.  As I peered down I saw the word that would be etched into the skin on my right foot for the rest of my life.  "BELIEVE"  I whispered.


Our goal is to provide a positive and professional environment.  We are all about creating an atmosphere that encourages confidence and motivates kids to "believe" in their abilities.  

About The Directors

While Tracey and Laurie bring different strengths and expertise to "Believe" they have in common the love of children and competition.  Throughout the years they have been involved in competitions, teaching, performing and working with children.  Both Tracey and Laurie will stay in touch with Studio Directors, Teachers and Students to continue to learn what is most important to them at competitions. 

A Note From The Directors :

After spending years with our children in the competitive world we reflect back and realize the incredible value this has brought to them.  The virtues learned through dance competition apply in all areas of life.  The commitment, responsibility, dedication and hard work put in by students and teachers never ceases to amaze us.  The passion from the students and teachers is felt at every competition and we thank you for that.

We have a tremendous amount of respect for the dance parents.  The commitment and support given to the dancers is truly never ending and a beautiful thing to witness.  Keep it up and be proud that your children have the self discipline to be doing something constructive and healthy.

Every choice we make in life expresses our personality and our values, dancing is no different.

BELIEVE Promises:

* Qualified and reputable adjudicators

* Awesome facilities

* Experienced technicians

* Reliable staff

* All performances recognized

* Frequent adjudications

* DRC Video Judge for all routines with judges' critiques